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Holy Land Tours

Pilgrim tours to Israel - the Holy Land

Gold Carpet Touring provides private tours for organized groups from different countries. Our customized Holy Land tours offer a wide variety of special interest and professional tours tailored to particular group requirements.


Itineraries will include visits to relevant sites, institutions or organizations and will emphasize sites of importance to the particular group – such as Pilgrim tours to Israel emphasizing sites holy to Christianity, Agricultural tours focused on modem farming methods, Archeological tours that provide a hands-on experience at archeological digging, Art tours that introduce the group to the wealth of art in Israel, or adventure  Holy Land tours.

Gold Carpet Touring will provide you with a wealth of extraordinary experience that will deeply enhance your stay in our country. We got famous thanks to our professional pilgrim tours to Israel.

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Holy Land Tours


               A group from Italy on Mt. of Olives                      Visiting the dairy farm at Kibbutz Almog

Client's Testimonial:

"Israel is one of the countries where the earliest form of civilization started and where the three major religions originated such as Islam, Jewish, and Christianity. Israel is a land of many historical and religious places that is why pilgrimage tours have seen an increasing number of tourists these days.
There are a lot of guided tours in Israel, you just have to check the internet for the places you want to visit there and book online for a hassle free visit to Israel. But if you are still planning an excursion, this article might help you choose a guided tour for you to enjoy the place and at the same time experience its holiness. I am a Christian so the Holy sites near the Sea of Galilee are a must to visit. If you are starting your tour in Tel Aviv, then I suggest you tour Jaffa first which is famous for its biblical association- the stories of Peter, Solomon, and Jonah. St. Peter’s Church is the best place to visit in Jaffa as well as the Jaffa museum. You can also go to the market and the old city of Jaffa to experience how the locals interact with each other. A walk in its old alleyway and Kikar Kedumim Street is an awesome treat.
Another good tour is a trip to Massada that is overlooking the Dead Sea. Here you will see ruins of Herod’s Palace, thermal baths, and the remaining walls of the Byzantine Church. It is such an experience to remember how the site itself was once mighty and great prior to the Jewish- Roman war. You can use a cable car to go up and down. But if you are into walking, be sure to bring a big bottle of water going up. Remember though that if it is against your doctor’s orders just use the cable car instead, we don’t want anything to happen to you while traveling. The great last part of this day tour in Massada would be a swim in the Dead Sea; one should not miss out on doing this. The churches in Jerusalem are a must see, especially the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Church of Mary Magdalene. You can also wander through the streets of the old city, as Jerusalem is the city where Muslim, Jewish, and Christian churches are all in their grand forms. And yes, the cave of John the Baptist is also located in Jerusalem so one should never miss out going to Israel on a guided tour or pilgrimage.
Although the country is in turmoil right now because of the attacks from Palestine, tourists on pilgrimage have never felt the urgency to get out of the place as the problem is just in a small portion of the country. I must say that it is still safe to visit Israel when you are on a pilgrimage. "
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