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The Upper Galilee is the geographical term used in reference to the mountainous area in the northern part of the Galilee, its borders being the boundary with Lebanon in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the west, the Beit HaKerem valley and Lower Galilee in the south and the Jordan river and Hula Valley in the east. Under this definition, "The Upper Galilee" covers an area spreading over 700 km2 separated from the Lower Galilee by the Beit HaKerem valley.


Its mountains are taller and valleys are deeper than those in the Lower Galilee; its tallest peak is Har Meron at 1,208 m above sea level. Safed is one of the major cities in this region.The Upper Galilee is often nicknamed "Israel's Little Tuscany". The green countryside, the growing numbers of both large-scale and boutique wineries, and the laid-back atmosphere attract many tourists, local and foreign, for tours and weekend jaunts.


The Lower Galilee consists of low mountain ranges which extend from east to west with several valleys in between. The western part of the Lower Galilee has several low hills covered with Oak tree forests, the central Lower Galilee region is more mountainous and the eastern Lower Galilee region turns into a flat basalt mountainside that reaches heights of up to 300 meters above sea level.

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Galilee Day Tour - the Sea of Galilee

The Lower Galilee stretches from the Jezreel Valley to the Sea of Galilee and includes Mount Tavor, Megiddo, Zippori and Mount Gilboa, the town of Nazareth, and amazing numbers of recreational activities and outlets. Nazareth tours are most popular among Christian pilgrims coming from around the world.

During a Galilee day tours you'll notice that the Lower Galilee is greener than the Upper Galilee, it is more peaceful and quiet with many agricultural farms and other interesting places, as well as being less than a 2 hour drive from the Tel Aviv area.


View of the Sea of GalileeCity of NazarethThe excavted sacred area at Megiddo



The Jezreel Valley, named after the biblical city of Yizre’el, is one of largest inland valleys in Israel, with an abundance of natural springs and rich, fertile soil that make it the country's agricultural center. The valley is flanked by the Lower Galilee region to the north, Mount Gilboa and the Samarian highlands to the south, the Mount Carmel range to the west and the Jordan Valley in the east. The Jezreel Valley is rich in biblical history as the scene of many historical battles because of its strategic value, with many historical and archeological sites to visit, such as Megiddo and Beit Shean. It was also one of the first regions to be redeemed by early Jewish settlers in the 19th century, despite having many swamps at the time, and many of its current day settlements were established as long as 30 years before the foundation of the State of Israel.


It is a fantastic location for hiking trails, scenic picnic places, enjoying nature and learning about ancient and modern day history. For itineraries and prices of Galilee day tour click on  the orange button below.


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