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The Negev covers more than half of Israel, forming a triangular shape that borders in the west with the Sinai peninsula desert and the Arava Valley in the east, and ending at the south with the Eilat Mountains and Red Sea. Defined a desert due to its meagre rainfall which makes it barren most of the year, in the winter the sparse rains cause an eruption of flowers that cover vast areas, while heavy storms cause hazardous flash floods. 

The Negev desert is a mixture of rocky mountains, dry wadis and deep craters. Its northern part is the most fertile, while the west is covered with sand dunes that reach heights of up to 30 meters, and its high plateau region, standing up to 520 meters above sea level, experiences extreme tempeartures and even snow in winter.

The Negev is also rich in history and archeology. Beer Sheba, today known as the capital of the Negev, was the home of Abraham - patriarch and founder of the Jewish people, while the Nabateans established a trade route known as the Incense Road, for their caravans laden with precious goods, and the fascinating remnants of their rest stops have become popular tourist destinations -such as Avdat and Mamshit. Other peoples lived in this region during biblical times, while in modern times it is populated by Israelis, who have built many small towns, agricultural settements and farmsteads, as well as some of the nomadic Bedouin tribes, who are beginning to settle into permanent dwellings.

The Negev desert has several unique geological formations, referred to in Hebrew as "makhteshim". These are unique crater-like landforms found only in the Negev and the Sinai Peninsula, thought to have been formed as a result of extreme water erosion. The Mitzpe Ramon Observatory on the side of the largest of these craters, the Ramon Crater, explains the story and offers a breathtaking view of this unique Negev feature, while in the far south of this amazing region, the Timna National Park is home to the world’s oldest copper mines, beautiful works of nature, and a lake amid the desert.


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Walking through the Zin canyon in the Negev desertOvdat- the Nabatean templeIn the heart of Ramon crater

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