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Soft sand, seashells and snails, waves that lap the shore and wide open spaces - these are the features of Israel’s coastal plain, Israel’s western coastline which stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, from Rosh ha-Nikra in the north to the Gaza Strip in the south. The region is fertile and humid is known for its citrus orchards and viticulture. The plain is traversed by several short streams. From north to south these are: the Kishon, the Hadera, the Alexander, the Poleg, and the Yarkon. Today the Kishon, Alexander and Yarkon again flow year round, and also have parks along their banks.

The region is sub-divided into five sub-regions. The Western Galilee stretches from Rosh HaNikra in the far north, down to Israel's third-largest city, Haifa. It is a fertile region containing with a coastline with many small islands off of it. South of Haifa is the Carmel Coast region which runs to the town of Zikhron Ya'aqov. The Sharon plain is the next stage down the Coastal Plain, running from Zikhron Ya'aqov to Tel Aviv's Yarkon River. This area is Israel's most densely populated. South of this, running to Nahal Shikma, is the Central Coastal Plain.

Most of Israel’s population is concentrated in the coastal plain, in big, bustling cities such as Tel Aviv and Haifa, rebuilt ancient towns such as Acre (Akko) Caesarea and kibbutzim and rural communities, such as Ga’ash, Khavatselet ha-Sharon and Neve Yam. Between the cities and towns are national parks and nature reserves, including ha-Sharon and Apollonia National Parks.

Mount Carmel range that borders the Carmel Coast on the East is an outlier of the hills of Samaria, extending northwest for 23km/14mi, with a breadth of up to 10km/6mi, and falling steeply down to the sea in Cape Carmel. On the northeast its precipitous slopes descend to the Jezreel plain, and on the southwest it slopes down to the plain of Sharon.

Finds (now in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem) in caves on Mount Carmel, for example at Bet Oren, have shown that this area was inhabited in Palaeolithic times, 130,000 years ago. At least as early as Canaanite times Baal of Carmel was worshipped in hilltop shrines as the divine ruler of the region. Around 1000 B.C. David incorporated Carmel in his kingdom, but it was only in the ninth century that the prophet Elijah led the worship of Yahweh (Jehovah) to prevail over the cult of Baal which was favored by King Ahab of Israel (1 Kings 18).

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Rosh Hanikra-Israel Lebanon borderRosh Hanikra-in the tunnelHaifa - the Bahai Gardens


To feel the magic of Acre (Akko), a UNESCO world heritage site, capital of the Crusader kingdom – with the best preserved archaeological remains of the Crusader period in the entire world, take a look at this wonderful clip and join our tours to this area:  



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