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Israel Helicopter Tours: Luxury VIP Tours with Gold Carpet

Israel Helicopter Tours

Israel helicopter tours provide the exhilarating and unforgettable experience of seeing Israel from a bird's eye view.

Only with an air tour of Israel will you see such views of Jerusalem - the Old City with its narrow alleyways, church spires and domed mosques, surrounded by the impressive buildings of the New City and the famous Mt. of Olives and Mt. Scopus; of the Dead Sea cradled among the formidable mountains of the Judean Desert; of the imposing Massada fortress with its impressive history; of the Negev desert with its amazing craters, geological formations and ancient cities; of the Sea of Galilee surrounded by the holy sites of Capernaum and Tabgha; of the Golan Heights and snow capped Mt. Hermon in the winter; of Nazareth and the Carmel Mountain range; and of the magnificent Mediterranean coastline of Israel with its amazing beaches and historical cities - such as Caesarea, Acre and of course the famous Bahai Shrine and gardens of Haifa.

If speed and convenience are essential, our VIP Israel helicopter and luxury Israel tours program is the fastest and the most efficient way of getting places in Israel. Whether you are a visiting business man with a tight schedule, an executive with VIP guests, or a tourist who wants to see as much as possible in a very short time, helicopter and private car touring is the perfect solution.

Gold Carpet Touring will arrange a wonderful and efficient tour in the greatest comfort by combining a helicopter tour of Israel with a private car tour, operating deluxe helicopters or private planes and comfortable luxurious tourist vehicles. 

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