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Tours of Israel are so rich and varied, relatively to the size of this country, providing a sense of journeying between continents, while having passed only a few miles. Over a short distance you are transported from one atmosphere or cultural environment to a totally different one. Tel Aviv is a radical example - a short walk will take you from the ancient Arabic oriented old city of Jaffa to the Spanish-like Neve-Zedek luxury neighborhood with its narrow alleys and on to the modernist Bauhaus buildings of the city center.

tours to Israel

As far as nature goes, tours in Israel encompasses some of the most interesting places and landscapes: the renowned "Dead Sea", notably famous as the lowest place and the lowest lake on earth. It is also known for being extremely salty and therefore inhabits no living creatures (thus its name: the Dead Sea). Its saltiness also makes it extremely buoyant, and many people enjoy this quality for relaxation in a state of flotation. Yet another quality of the Dead Sea is its healing properties, derived from the high density of minerals found in its water and in the mud on its bottom. This Dead Sea mud is especially renowned for treating skin diseases.

Another unique site is the Ramon Crater which is the largest erosion cirque (a form of geological box canyons) of its kind in the world. It offers an amazing vista of the deep, colorful and usually hidden geological layers of the earth.

A different aspect of Israel tours are pilgrimages, consisting of key holy sites located in the "holy land", which inspires millions of Moslems, Christians and Jews. Within this context the richest and most important area is the Old City of Jerusalem. With places like the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, Via Dolorosa and the outskirts of Al-Aqsa Mosque – to mention only few – the old city is an enormous religious and cultural experience.

In summary, tours of Israel provide a myriad of travel venues, making it an attractive location for a varied touring experience and for a variety of traveling styles.


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