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Israel guided tours provide you with the easiest and most fulfilling way to enjoy this incredible country. Israel is considered the spiritual home of Judaism and is home to 8 million people; 6 million of these are Jewish. Its recorded history dates back to ancient times, and both Judaism and Christianity were founded here. Many of the locations described in the Bible are in this country and are knowledgeably described by our tour guides in Israel.
Israel guided tours - Jerusalem

Several of our Israel guided tours involve trips to Jerusalem, one of the Four Holy Cities and the capital of this country. Jesus Christ was brought here shortly after his birth and spent much of his life in this city. Tour guides in Israel also provide trips to and interesting details about the other Holy Cities: Hebron, Safed and Tiberias.


Many visitors take advantage of our tour guides in Israel that describe Masada. This is where nearly 1,000 Jewish rebels committed a mass suicide in the year 73 instead of allowing themselves to be captured by Roman soldiers. Israel guided tours to this historic place are popular as Masada is the country’s most visited tourist attraction.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is another popular place that visitors travel to with Israel guided tours. This place is the lowest point on earth as it lies 1,400 feet below sea level. Many come to this salty body of water to effortlessly float atop it. King David took refuge here as described in the Bible. Those who take advantage of our tour guides in Israel can also visit other natural places in this country such as the Jesus Trail and the Negev.

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