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The Great Israel Mosaic Tour of the Month

Introducing the most exciting, comprehensive, varied and innovative monthly group tour ever undertaken in Israel.

The land of Israel is the birthplace and center of worship for the three most widespread monotheistic religions as well as being home to many ethnic minorities, all of which form the amazing mosaic that is modern day Israel. 


This tour will take you on a journey through biblical Canaan andthe kingdoms of David and Solomon as well as Judea of the Roman Empire and the conquests of the Crusaders. We will visit the ancient trading routes of the Incense Road and Via Maris, the Palestine of the Ottoman Empire and British Mandate, and the Israel of today – which is a bustling, modern, technologically advanced state, yet Levantine by nature, fascinating and different, and somehow the center of attention.

During the tour you will learn of the culture and experience the culinary delights of the various ethnic minorities – Druse, Circassian, Bedouin, as well as having a traditional Sabbath mealwith a Jewish family and learning first hand of the kibbutz movement – unique only to Israel. You will drive through the changing scenery – ranging from snowcapped mountain to arid desert, will walk through the ancient alleyways and streets of towns that are thousands of years old, will hike on nature trails and ride a bike through the streets of Tel Aviv.


The tour will take place once a month, visiting all of the important historical and religious sites, and changing with each month to incorporate the special activities and holidays taking place in Israel at the time.

We invite you to join this once in a lifetime experience.

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