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Peter & Marianne Balint
Peter & Marianne Balint | Australia | Sep 30, 2012


Dear Stella,

We returned just a few days' ago and I was going to contact you.

I understand that you could not make it to Tel Aviv. It would have been nice.

Our stay in Israel after 43 years was very special. We visited Yad Vashem and Ica Foldessy's name (the lady who saved my life) was carved in the stone wall. It was for all three of us (Marianne, our son Michael and for me) a very special and moving occasion.

Michael is making a movie about our family. We were together in various places in Hungary, Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Yad Vashem and planting trees and Michael was filming. It is a fantastic project. Filming is a hobby, but he takes very seriously. He took out a loan, bought a professional equipment and travelled to Europe and Israel to make this film.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Oren. He made our travel in Israel a very special experience. Oren is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic to give us relevant and interesting information. His friendly nature enhanced our experience. We learnt a lot about Israel, the people, the relationship between the Israelis, Arabs and the Druze. We got a very different picture to the one we read in the press.

Marianne and I will recommend your company to friends who would be planning to visit Israel.

I would like to keep in touch and wish you all the very best .

Peter and Marianne



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