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Emmy Reed
Emmy Reed | Canada | Jul 24, 2013

Hi Stella! I want to thank you for arranging our holiday in June. We had such a wonderful time. Naftaly was great and so accommodating. When he asked what was our favourite day, I could not say as ever day was filled with so many different & wonderful things. Meeting the girl hockey players was a wonderful touch and I am now in contact with them. We are hoping to do an exchange. They come to Canada and we go to Israel.

Would you be able to give me Nafetally's email or to give him mine. We would like to stay in contact with him. I have misplace his business card. Oh and sorry for the spelling of his name.... lol

Thanks again for making our trip so memorable. My Dad said he would go again except for the plane ride. The flight would have to be direct and he would be riding in first class..... lol
Well here's hoping!!

Thanks again,
Emmy Reed
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