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Dina Reyes
Dina Reyes | San Francisco, United States | Oct 28, 2013

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Hello Dubi:

Greetings! Hope everything is well with you and your family. Of all the Tour Guides I have worked with, you are the best.
Below is a letter from my two passengers, Tri and Roni Agustin. They are the couple that celebrated their wedding
anniversary at the Church at Cana. I share the same feeling of appreciation for your assistance with my group......and more.
You are very hospitable and very accommodating.
Gold Carpet Touring is very fortunate to have you in their team. I also salute Gold Carpet Touring for providing us an exceptional service from the very start till the end. I am very pleased to have chosen Gold Carpet Touring.


Dina Reyes

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Sent: Sunday, October 27, 2013 6:46 PM
Subject: Israel-Jordan 2013 Dina Reyes Tour Group

Hello Dubi:

Just to let you know that the most wonderful trip experience my wife and I had while touring Israel may come to ebb and pass, but the way you personally arranged, rendered and cared in delivering optimum and excellent services was above and beyond our expectation.

Yet the foregoing words may be eclipsed. It's the special way you and your beloved wife welcomed each and every member of the tour group into your home that resonated vibrantly into the bottom of our hearts, how you made us all feel openly welcomed and appreciated. You indeed treated us kindly and warmly well that my wife and I shall remember such gentle manner as the best.

Also, I remember mentioning to you during our Israel trip regarding the holocaust about our Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon’s remarkable deed, his instrumental act in helping German Jews escape Nazi persecution in 1939 by providing them with visas and safe shelter in the Philippines. On June 21, 2009, a monument to Manuel L. Quezon was unveiled at the 65-hectare Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, Israel’s 4th largest city located south of Tel Aviv. The monument designed by Filipino artist Junyee is called “Open Doors.” It is a geometric, seven-meter-high sculpture rendered mainly in steel and set on a base of marble tiles shipped from the Philippines' Romblon, showing three doors of ascending heights. Here's a link re: Philippines: A Jewish refuge from the Holocaust:

Moreover, thank you very much for your additional duties in acting as our official photographer, especially in the Cana wedding rites. You really enabled and made our fond memories of you as everlasting!

Best regards,

Tri Agustin

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