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The Judean Desert

We have concentrated all the available touring possibilities by land and air - private tours, group tours and helicopter tours - for visiting the northern region of Israel, with its mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, history and archaeology.

  • Private tours: nos. 01-40
  • Helicopter tours: nos. 41-50
  • Daily group tours: nos. 50-79
  • Shore excursions for cruise passengers: nos. 80-94
  • Multi day group tours: nos. 100-110
  • Weekly group tours: nos. 300-310

Tour No.

Jerusalem, Judean Desert, Massada, Dead Sea (Helicopter flight)
Jerusalem, Judean Desert, Massada, Dead Sea (Helicopter flight)

We take off and proceed southeast toward Jerusalem mountains flying over the newly developed neighborhoods of the city, see the Old city from a distance.

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